Friday, 9 March 2018

Downtime Activities

Thinking about +Joseph Manola's post on time and distance, I'm going to give my PCs 1-3 months downtime between every adventure. A few loose rules for downtime actions.

1. Level up, if you have enough experience
2. Collect rent or income. For income; declare a job, Referee determines relevant attribute, and roll a test under attribute. Difference between roll and attribute multiplied by level is income per month.
3. Pay lifestyle expenses: base 30 gp a month (assuming 1 gp a day as average spending), going up or down by factors of 2 (so for living richer, 60, 120, etc, and living poorer 15, 7, etc.)
4. Manage estate: Pay rent or upkeep costs, pay wages, etc.
5. Any other downtime actions (usually 1-3 per month, though things like crafting and ritual magic should have time determined manually), including
  • Commission a building or a stronghold/tower/castle etc; must own land
  • Invest in property or business
  • Hire retainers: CHA test if they accept the job, modified by wages, living quarters, etc. Morale is CHA/2
  • Carousing: CHA test, on a fail roll on Carousing Mishaps table. 
  • Get involved in local politics; must own significant share of land
  • Ritual Magic (based on this and this). Attempt powerful magic effects. Requires base spell(s) or miracles, and any of the following: material components (treasures, jewels, statues, ancient artefacts, blood pledges, etc.), sacrifices, additional casters, energy from non-casters, summoning or invoking a demon, patron, or deity etc.
  • Busking or performing: CHA test, on a fail roll with disadvantage on the table.
  • Craft items.
  • Enchant items.
  • Try to broker a deal; selling your own items, moving goods, making a special purchase (a rare painting, something one of a kind, etc)
  • Gathering rumours or information; paying for services; talking to bards
  • Going on dates, making friends, establishing contacts
  • Training: a skill, a profession, a language, a field of education, a technique
  • Anything else you can think of

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