Friday, 19 February 2016

Fantasy Hip-Hop

My playlist today ran through Wolves in the Throne Room, Have a Nice Life, Fetty Wap, and the new Kanye. And a thought occurred to me.

Metal and its (many, many) subgenres is the only genre that consistently does fantasy. And consequently, people like Zak S. and James Raggi, who define and produce a lot of the "weird fiction" content for D&D, are extremely influenced by metal. Vornheim is a Teutonic Gonzo-Norse wet-dream.

I love metal, but it largely draws on European myth and folklore (as does D&D in general). Now I love me Vikings and shit and I have the complete Northlanders and about 3 translations of Beowulf within arms reach (and a giant fucking anthology of Old English, Norse, and Icelandic literature) but, as a delicious chocolate man (or POC if you're boring) I gotta wonder about the alternatives.

What does hip-hop fantasy look/feel/sound like? Hip-hop D&D? Or acid jazz or j-rap or reggaeton or whatever. Or, what does non-white metal look/feel/sound like?

p.s junot diaz write an actual fucking fantasy novel already jesus christ

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