Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Elixir: Type V Warriors

Redoing Zak's d100 Warrior for my 5e/Type V game. This will rapidly spiral out of control with the other classes ._.

Bold indicates changes I've made.

Fighters start as normal sans fighting style and second wind. In lieu of class features, roll 2d100 on this table at first level and d100 each level after (or 2d100 i dont know its 2am).

Don't do this if you're into balance and don't like swingy tables.

Changes indicated in bold.

1-8 You've finally figured out which end to stick 'em with. Fighting Style. If re-rolled pick another one. If you've rolled all of them, start making up ones, or re-roll (DM/Player discretion).

9-16  You smoke less and have been getting some exercise. Second Wind. If re-rolled, extra per-rest. 

17-23 Yeah, yeah, be a cool movie hero and whatever. Action Surge. If re-rolled, extra per-rest.

24-28 Movie hero 2: lame version. Indomitable. If re-rolled, extra per rest.

29-35 Become a Battle Master. Advance per PHB rules, and gain all Battle Master features up to your current level. Do not roll a d100 when gaining Battle Master archetype features.

36-41 Become an Eldritch Knight. Same drill as becoming a Battle Master.

42-52 Extra attack. 

52-57 In battle there is no law, but you're kinda in charge. Once per fight you can give any other PC an extra action, that can not be used to take the Attack action or Cast a Spell action (readying to attack or cast a spell is totally legit, however) . Re-rolling this lets you do it one more time per fight.

58-60 When you hit things they tend to stay hit: +1 damage. If you roll this again it jumps to +3, then +5, +7 etc

61-62 You have learned where not to stand. +2 to jumping out of the way (reflex save, breath weapon save whatever it's called in your system). +1 thereafter if you re-roll this.

62-63 You've gotten real good at shoving. On a melee hit you can do your usual damage plus knock a human-sized opponent back ten feet. If you try it twice on the same opponent they get to save as per grapple rules. If you roll this result again you get 2 free shoves before the saves kick in. After that, re-roll.

64-65 You're good at getting people out of your way. On a melee hit you can do your usual damage plus knock a human-sized opponent prone. If you try it twice on the same opponent they get a skill contest as per grapple rules. If you roll this result again on this table, you get 2 free knockdowns before the saves kick in, then 4, etc. After that, re-roll.

66-67 You're good at aiming for the fingers. On a hit you can do your ordinary damage plus disarm an opponent if they fail a check as per grapple rules. If you reroll this result they get a penalty to their check, -1, then -2 etc.

68 You're grabby as fuck. On a melee hit on a human-sized or smaller opponent you can do your ordinary damage plus your opponent is grappled if they fail a strength check. Note grabbing is not always what it's cracked up to be since now you're vulnerable to attack from elsewhere, but enjoy it while it lasts. If you reroll this result they get a penalty to their check, +1, then +2 etc.

69-78 You've been getting out and meeting new people. ASI/Feat (depending on play-style, you might wanna give your players a feat at first level).

79 Christ you're big. +2 to checks to intimidate people. +2 when your re-roll this thereafter, you're getting like Wolverine scary.

80 You've had a few too many beers, or wrestled a few too many bears, or hey, maybe you just have anger issues. Roll on the Barbarian table (when I've done it).

81 You've found some inner conviction. Roll on Paladin table (when I've done it).

82 AHA!!! You've heard a rumor in a tavern--that thing you wanted? The riding panther? The Axe of Ninety Nymphs? That king totally willing you lend you his army? The parasitic extra limb that grants you immortality? That romantic subplot? It's there. 4 sessions worth of adventure away or less. Tell your GM, who then must place it.

You must have a fair shot at it--like any other treasure, but there's no guarantee you will get it. If you don't get it by the fourth session you can keep trying or let it go and roll again on this table. However if you choose to roll again and then you do get the thing somehow anyway, you lose whatever gimmick you rolled. GM think up some clever reason why.

83-84 You're totally a skullsplitter. Your crit range extends by one. Now you double damage on a 19 or 20. Keep rolling this and it keeps extending.

85-86 You get those sunken eyes like Bronn in Game of Thrones. Immune to fear. If you re-roll this, your companions gain a +2 vs fear if they can see you, then +4 etc

87-88 You have learned to aim jusssst above the eyes. When fighting an opponent with adjacent eyes you can do your normal damage plus partially blind it by getting blood in its eyes. It'll take the opponent an action to wipe the blood away and this trick only works once on any given opponent. If you re-roll this it takes two actions to wipe away, if you re-roll it again you can totally de-eye an opponent on a successful hit, if you re-roll it a fourth time then just re-roll until you get a different result.

89-90 You've been like hunting and stuff with your Ranger friends. Choose from the level 3 Hunter archetype. If re-rolled, get the next Hunter feature, until finished; then re-roll. Alternately, roll on the Ranger Table (when I've done it).

91-92 You have learned the Impetuous Immortal Leaping Strike. You leap six feet in the air and for a mere -to hit you can do double damage if you connect. You can't pull it twice on the same foe (even if you miss) and it's kinda exhausting and puts you in a bad position, defensively--you cannot attack in the round afterwards. If you re-roll this, the damage goes up by 2 points each time.

93 Hey whoa, been going to the gym, huh? +str up to racial max. Numbers in excess go to con or dex.

94 Hey whoa, been doing like laps in pools of the tears of the families of your fallen foes? +2 con up to racial max. Numbers in excess go to str or dex.

95 You have an annoying drinking buddy who thinks throwing like wadded up paper at you is fun. +dex up to racial max. Numbers in excess go to str or con.

96-97 You have become unbelievably metal. You do triple damage on a crit. Re-roll this: you do quadruple, etc.

98-99 You're like a decapitator. If you roll a natural 20 against something with a head in melee and its level/HD is equal to or less than yours, it does not have a head anymore. Re-rolling this means you can do it against things your level or one higher, then 2 higher, etc.

00 Ab..ra...kaaaa..what? Holy hell, someone managed to teach you a spell. The formula is bouncing around in your brain dying to be unleashed. It's any spell you want, up to 8th level, and it will work as if cast by a 15th level Wizard. It will work once, period. Ever.

Gosh this is going to get out of hand...

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